Create Everyday #0


1 min read

I feel many of us suffer from procrastination. Especially if we are someone who likes coming up with new ideas. We always want to move on to the next thing.

The "next" thing will be easier, more fun, more profitable, and the thing we finally stick with.

A popular piece of advice for procrastinating, and one I've found successful in my personal life is called the 2/5 minute rule. This is where you are just going to do a few minutes of a said activity and then stop.

This tricks your brain in 2 important ways. 1: it lowers the friction for starting, which is generally the hardest part 2: Once we get started it's hard to stop.

Why is this Important? And what does this have to do with creating?

I want to build my "shipping" muscle. I love to create, but I'm guilty of consuming more than creating. My exercise will be to write everyday. What will I be writing about?

I will be sharing one creator everyday and what they are working on. My 2 minutes of just starting. Eventually I'll get a streak going and I won't want to break the chain.

Look forward to sharing.

See you tomorrow.